Caring for Your Brass Instrument

The following information is to help you look after your instrument. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further advice. If any damage occurs to your instrument please do not attempt a 'D.I.Y.' fix, as instrument repair is a highly skilled job. 1. Do not eat or drink directly before practise and make … Continue reading Caring for Your Brass Instrument

Vincent Bach Stradivarius ‘London Model’ Trumpets

The Vincent Back Stradivarius ‘London Model’ trumpets were officially launched around 2 years ago, and have now become our best selling professional Bb trumpets. These models have a really distinctive feel, response and core sound. You get the open feel of the #25 reverse leadpipe, combined with the solidity and core of the heavier ML … Continue reading Vincent Bach Stradivarius ‘London Model’ Trumpets

Pre-owned & Ex-demo Brass Instruments: FEBRUARY 2017

We currently have a great selection of Pre-owned and Ex-demo brass instruments available in-store. Please call us on 0161 445 4466 or drop us an email to for further information. Trumpets: Bach Stradivarius S180ML37 Bb Trumpet, Excellent Condition £1,950 Yamaha YTR-9630 Custom 4-valve Eb Trumpet, Ex-demo, Immaculate £2,150 B&S Challenger II 3117JH 4-valve Eb Trumpet, Ex-demo, … Continue reading Pre-owned & Ex-demo Brass Instruments: FEBRUARY 2017

Resources for Group Brass Tuition

Music education has changed drastically over the past few years, and is a topic upon which instrumental teachers have often lamented.  In the UK in particular we had a sudden shift to whole-class and group instrumental tuition 12 years ago, which has taken a long time to establish itself as anything more than a musical … Continue reading Resources for Group Brass Tuition