Tired of cane reeds breaking and degrading over time? Dare we mention the level of consistency between traditional reeds? An alternative comes in the form of synthetic reeds.

legere reeds composite

They are plastic, yes, but this isn’t as bad as you might think. Unlike traditional cane, synthetic materials will never degrade. Humidity isn’t a factor either. Synthetic materials don’t shrink and warp over time. In terms of consistency, each reed you purchase will always be exactly the same as the last. Cane reed strengths are measured in half sizes whereas synthetic reeds use quarters; so if a 2.5 is too light and a 3 is too heavy for you to achieve that perfect sound, a 2.75 may be your answer.

There tend to be small differences in sound and response between plastic and traditional cane reeds. Many manufacturers such as Legere, have been working to reduce these differences and bring the best aspects of both types of reed together. Synthetic reeds tend to cost a little more than cane, but you will likely never need to replace them so the costs balance out nicely.

vandoren reeds in a row

We keep a large amount of synthetic reeds in stock for oboe, bassoon, clarinet (all variations) and saxophone (all variations). If you are interested in purchasing one from us, please contact the store to speak to one of our woodwind specialists 0161 445 4466 / woodwind@alangregory.co.uk.


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