The trumpet is the highest of the brass family of instruments in a standard orchestra. They also see frequent use in Jazz, the military and high-school bands.

Historically, trumpets have a vast genealogy dating to around 1500BCE. Various developments in design and construction occurred over the centuries until the Baroque period, where the instrument became more widely used in concert music. The Baroque trumpet lacked valves (like a modern instrument) so playing was kept to a few keys. To change key, the player would have to replace a length of tubing, (called a crook). The sprung valves common today mean that trumpets are able to play chromatically (all twelve notes of the octave, rather than those of a select key). Various effects such as trills and complex scale runs can also be performed with relative ease.

Trumpets require air to be blown through a mouthpiece whilst buzzing the lips. The air travels through a system of curved tubing and leaves the instrument through a fluted pipe, or ‘bell’. Pressing the three valves on the trumpet effectively changes the length of the tubing and therefore the pitch. Trumpets are capable of playing very fast and virtuosic runs as well as much more melodic material and a wide variety of mutes can be introduced to change the overall character of the sound.

Available in a wide variety of different keys, types and constructions, there are plenty to choose from. For trumpets the most common finishes are: lacquered (gold-brass) and silver, although there are many more materials and finishes available.

Beginner outfits are available, which often include a trumpet, case, mouthpiece and some other useful accessories. Below is a short list containing all you need to start playing the trumpet, all for under £475 at Alan Gregory Music


– Instrument: Yamaha 2330 Outfit (inc. case and mouthpiece) £385.00

– Valve Oil: Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil £6.74

– Slide Grease: Ultra-Pure Tuning Slide Grease £3.15

– Beginner Book: Team Brass Trumpet/Cornet with CD £9.99

– Handy Accessory: Denis Wick DW5531 Convertible Straight/Cup Mute £45.63

Total £450.51


We stock many alternatives, as well as additional accessories to those listed above. We are always happy to help and advise, so please get in touch and one of our brass specialists will assist in finding the right trumpet and products for your needs.



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