Classical guitars are a popular choice for many beginners and provide a nice alternative to woodwind, brass or orchestral string instruments.

The form of the classical guitar, as we recognise it today, was established in Spain during the 19th century, but the lineage goes back much further and is quite scattered.

This type of guitar is acoustic, but has nylon, rather than steel strings. Nylon strings – a modern alternative to traditional animal gut strings – produce a mellow tone which is perfect for melodic playing and self accompaniment. Nylon strings are ideal for beginners as they are slightly kinder on the fingers than steel and take a little less finger-strength to press the strings down to the frets.

The right hand plucks the strings with individual fingernails rather than a plectrum, so the technique here is completely different to other types of guitar playing. If you like strumming, chordal-folk-music, then this probably isn’t the right type of guitar for you!

Classical guitars tend to feature chunky necks and flat fingerboards, which are comfortable and encourage relaxation of the hand. The body of a classical guitar is (often) slightly smaller than steel-strung ‘folk’ guitars, making it more manageable for smaller-framed players.

Because anyone, at any age, can be a beginner; we stock instruments such as the ‘Valencia 200 series’ in a variety of sizes (¼, ½, ¾, and full size).  Below is a short list containing all you need to start playing the classical guitar, all for under £120 at Alan Gregory Music


– Quality beginner classical guitar: Valencia 200 series – from £60

– Foot rest : Hercules FS100B – £10.50

– Beginner Book: The Guitarist’s Way – £5.95

– Tuner/metronome: TGI99B – £9.76

Spare Strings: Augustine Red Classical – £6.29

– Handy accessory: Savarez Nail Kit – £19.50

Total: £112


We stock many alternatives, as well as additional accessories to those listed above. We are always happy to help and advise, so please get in touch and one of our guitar specialists will assist in finding the right products for your needs.


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