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We’re really excited to announce that we now stock the full range of Müsing bows, which are designed and made in Wurzburg, Germany. Putting performance at the forefront of the design process, Müsing bows have been crafted to be incredibly responsive to the bow hand, enabling the player to effortlessly transfer between staccato and legato bowings. To complement the controllability of the bow, Müsing have developed a new 3-D woven carbon fibre technology, which allows a resonance quality – rich in overtones – like that of fine wooden bow.

Short supply of the now endangered Pernambuco wood, traditionally used for bow making, has sparked an exciting advance in carbon fibre bows. As technologies develop, many musicians would argue that carbon bows can easily rival or exceed the quality of a wooden bow.

Restrictions on materials regularly used in bow manufacture (e.g. ivory, tortoiseshell, whale bone and lizard skin) can make taking a favourite bow overseas impossible, however the entire Müsing range has been crafted without use of such materials allowing musicians to travel with ease and at ease.

The range

Müsing bows are available for violin, viola and cello in four different models, which range from student level (C2), to amateur (C3), professional (C4) and masterpiece (C5). Both French and German-style double bass bows are available in amateur (C3) and professional (C4) models.

Please call the store on 0161 445 4466, or contact, to discuss prices and availability.

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