Strings - Hanging VlnThe following information is to help you look after your instrument. Please contact us if you require further advice. If any damage occurs to your instrument please give us a call rather than attempting a ‘D.I.Y.’ repair which may make things worse. Our string specialists Bob and Harriet are more than happy to advise on anything string related and make repairs as necessary.


It is easier for beginners to tune only using the adjusters. These are the small round screws on the tailpiece. This should be adequate for day to day practice. Tuning with the pegs is best left to the teacher. If you need any help please bring the instrument into the shop.

2. BOW

Use the screw to tighten the tension. The stick should always curve inward towards the hair. Never over-tighten the bow or the stick will break. When the bow is not in use always loosen the hair in order to retain the spring in the stick. Bows will need to be re-haired from time to time.
Rosin should be applied to the hair regularly. A new block of rosin is shiny in appearance and the surface needs to be roughened with sandpaper before use. Try not to get rosin on your hands or the instrument as it is very sticky.


Don’t worry if a string breaks! They are easily replaced and we can fit new strings for you in the shop while you wait. Strings should be replaced from time to time even if they do not break because they will become dull.


Always carefully wipe away any rosin left on the belly of the instrument with a soft cloth or duster after playing. On the strings it is best to use a lint-free cloth to wipe away rosin. We have all the necessary products to clean your instrument in store!


When the instrument is not being played, always keep it safely in the case. Never cram anything extra into the case. Not all violin cases are designed to hold shoulder rests, so if yours looks as if it may not fit the case, do not try and force it. Store all instruments in an even temperature, away from radiators and direct sunlight. Do not leave in a car overnight or anywhere else cold or damp.

Remember – if you need further advice, we are only a phone call away! 0161 445 4466

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