The following information is to help you look after your instrument. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further advice. If any damage occurs to your instrument please DO NOT attempt ‘D.I.Y.’ as instrument repair is a highly skilled job and you could easily worsen the situation.

1. Do not eat or drink directly before practise and make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your flute.

2. When assembling your instrument avoid placing the flute mechanism under any undue stress. The mechanism is very delicate and can easily become bent. When fitting the flute together try to avoid contact with the key work. Hold the foot joint with your thumb on the C# key. This is best done by lifting the flute from its case by the ends

3. Do not leave your instrument lying on the floor after or during practice. It is better to use an instrument stand to avoid accidental damage.

4. Always clean your instrument thoroughly after use. Avoid touching the pads when cleaning, as when damp, pads are more susceptive to damage. Clean your instrument outside with a silver cloth. Clean the inside with an absorbent gauze cloth threaded through the cleaning rod provided with your instrument. Never use the same cloth to clean both the inside and outside of your flute – you will damage the silver plating. Make sure you do not leave any damp cloths inside the case when replacing the flute into the box.

5. Do not use metal polish of any kind.

6. Do not try to oil your instrument. If the joints become stiff simply clean the tenon and socket with a silver polish cloth. If the problem persists it will need to be looked at by a flute technician.

7. NEVER attempt to adjust the settings on your flute. Regulating a flute correctly is a skill and bad jobs can easily worsen the situation.

8. Do not store your instrument against a source of heat such as a radiator for example, or leave your instrument in damp conditions.

9. As a general rule, have your instrument serviced by a technician once a year.

10. Enjoy your playing!

REMEMBER – if you need further advice, we are only a phone call away! 0161 445 4466

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