ZT Amps: Back in Stock!

We are pleased to announce that the ZT Lunchbox line of amplifiers is now back in stock and ready to be shipped!

Famed for packing a huge punch in to such a small size, the ZT amps are a great choice for the musician wanting ease of transport without sacrificing volume and tone. Each ‘lunch box’ sized unit caters for different needs, from the ultra-transportability of the Junior model and its optional battery pack, to the acoustic version that comes with an added XLR microphone input and FX loop. Whatever your line-up, you are sure to find a ZT product to suit you.

Further features include options to power multiple 9V effects pedals from the Junior, or power the amp from a car power socket. Each amp has the ability to turn off the internal speaker when using headphones or an external speaker, plus an extra speaker cabinet is also available if you need to add even more volume, or turn the electric or acoustic versions into a stereo unit. To add to the portability and protect the units, ZT also have dedicated padded carry bags available which are a perfect fit for each amp.

Please contact us in store, on 0161 445 4466 or at sales@alangregory.co.uk for further information. You can also see the full range and specs at www.alangregory.co.uk

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