Recently back in stock at Alan Gregory Music are the Miyazawa and Muramatsu flutes, some of the finest handcrafted instruments from renowned Japanese flute makers and extremely popular choices for advanced and professional players.

The world famous Muramatsu Flute Company has been consistently exceeding the expectations of professional flautists around the world and has become an established choice for soloists and orchestral flute players. Currently in stock is the Muramatsu EX model with open holes, which offers the same quality workmanship as their higher priced instruments with a hand-cut, sterling silver headjoint and silver plated body and mechanism.

Popular flutes by Miyazawa are also back in stock, this time with a new intermediate model! Called the MJ series (currently only available in store), this flute range is still based on the higher spec. designs but is more cost effectively manufactured in China. We are currently stocking the MJ101SE with silver headjoint as well as the PB-102 and PB-202 flutes with more to follow!

Please contact us for further information or visit our website.

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