Buffet-Crampon Prodige Clarinets

Replacing the time-honoured B12 model, the Prodige Bb Clarinet has been causing a storm in the clarinet world as it is the first student instrument to have a professional bore design and sound. While still made of ABS Resin, Buffet Crampon have finally managed to produce an accurate reproduction of their E13 bore specifications using … Continue reading Buffet-Crampon Prodige Clarinets

Miyazawa & Muramatsu Flutes

Recently back in stock at Alan Gregory Music are the Miyazawa and Muramatsu flutes, some of the finest handcrafted instruments from renowned Japanese flute makers and extremely popular choices for advanced and professional players. The world famous Muramatsu Flute Company has been consistently exceeding the expectations of professional flautists around the world and has become … Continue reading Miyazawa & Muramatsu Flutes