The range of lubricants, oils, greases, care kits and cloths from Ultra-Pure Oils represents our most complete and reliable selection from any manufacturer.  Ultra-Pure have built a fine reputation over the past few years and are now the oil supplier of choice to manufacturers and players across the world.  We now stock a complete and vast range from the Ultra-Pure catalogue and really stand by its quality.

Valve Oils

The Professional Valve Oil is a great fast, light and silky-smooth all-rounder. It is non-toxic, synthetic, odourless and long-lasting. The formula for this was improved in early 2016, so if you have not tried it for a while, you will notice a big difference.  The Ultra-Light Valve Oil is perfect close tolerance valves and is also great in Thayer style trombone valves.  These come in the standard 50ml bottle, a smaller 30ml bottle, sample size bottles of 7ml each and also a 240ml refill bottle.

A crucial feature of these is the newly designed safety cap that is in line with the recent EU regulation changes.

Trombone Slide Lube

The new and improved formula for the Slide Lube has a fast and smooth feel, is long-lasting and does not leave any residue.  Used in combination with the Mini-Mist which gives a very light mist water spray, you will be amazed with the results!

Rotary Oils

The Professional Valve Oil does a great job on rotary valves as well as pistons, and used in conjunction with Light Bearing Oil (for the rotating bearings on the top and bottom of rotary valves) and the Linkage, Lever & Key Oil (for all of the mechanical linkages), you will have a perfect combination.  The Light Bearing Oil is also really good on older or vintage piston valves where something a little thicker is required.

Tuning Slide Lubes

The Regular Tuning Slide Lube is the perfect consistency for most tuning slides. The ‘Light’is great for 1st and 3rd valve slides on trumpets where quicker movement is required, while the ‘Heavy’ has a nice sticky consistency for problem slides that have a habit of creeping out.

Care Kits

The Deluxe Kits for each instrument (Trumpet/Cornet, Trombone, French Horn, Low Brass) are complete with appropriate polishing cloths, brushes, oils and lubes providing an all-in-one solution.

You can visit the Ultra-Pure Oils website for some great usage tips and ‘How-To’ guides:

You may also be interested to read the thoughts of many of the worlds’ top players on Ultra-Pure:

For advice, further information and purchases of any of these products, please visit our website:


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