As we are now into the swing of 2017, we thought that it might be opportune to give you a run-down of what is new for the ABRSM for this year. This includes information on exam application deadlines, fees, syllabus changes and new publications and resources.

New syllabuses were released last year for Piano and Brass with effect from 2017. There is an overlap allowing students to use the old syllabus for the first session of exams in 2017, but for new applications from now on, it is just the 2017 syllabus in effect.

Please click here to see all of the application deadlines and applicable fees.

Later this year, new Flute and Clarinet syllabuses will be released for 2018, but the current one will still be valid until early spring of 2018.

New Publications

VIOLIN- Encore books in 3 volumes

It is the official collection of best-loved ABRSM exam pieces, selected from syllabuses of the past few decades. Students will find an appealing mix of repertoire, while teachers can be confident that the perfect balance of pieces has been selected at every level.

These new books for violin compliment the versions already released for Piano.

PIANO- Piano Star in 3 volumes

Series of repertoire books to inspire young pianists and help build confidence and skills. These colour-illustrated books contain over 70 newly-composed pieces and arrangements from 20 leading educational composers. As well as solo pieces there are a number of duets plus fun activities. This book has been shortlisted for the Best Print Resource Award at the 2017 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence.

If you require further information about any ABRSM materials or exams, you can pick up a Music Exam Guide booklet in-store or read it online here.

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