The Yanagisawa saxophones are probably the most popular brand in the UK right now, having won the praise of top-level UK artists as well as many students upgrading from an entry level instrument.

Having released their WO series 2 years ago (the first major revision of Yanagisawa saxophones in over 20 years) both the Professional and Elite level saxophones continue to impress and outperform other brands with their warm tonal core and light, ergonomic key work.

Models are available in brass, bronze and sterling silver bodies each with their own unique sound and response, and a variety of finishes are available including unlacquered models and pink-gold plating. Alto/Tenor players looking to upgrade should look at the AWO1 and AWO2 (TWO1/TWO2 for tenor) of the Professional series and also the WO10 and WO20 models for more responsive key work and a heavier tone. Baritone players are consistently impressed by the power of the B901 model and its reliable lower register, while the S901 Soprano sax offers an agile response and superior intonation.

For more information on Yanagisawa saxophones, please visit our website.

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