After several years of very little to shout about, the past 12 months has seen some great new developments from the big manufacturers.

Yamaha move from strength to strength with the revamped Xeno range continuing to give you a great all-round horn at an exceptional price. The artist models such as the Chicago and New York Bb and C trumpets have also had some encouraging performance tweaks and are becoming much more popular with UK players. The 8310Z Bobby Shew is still the easiest blowing trumpet on the market, and has the huge advantage of being our lowest price pro-level horn – just £1653 !

Vincent Bach have dominated the UK market for many years with their trusted Stradivarius 180 range. We continue to stock a good range of these, particularly with the 37, 43 and 25 bell flares, and have now supplemented this with the heavier Artisan and the new London Model. This trumpet, popular with UK orchestral players for many years as a specially requested production, features a reverse leadpipe configuration but is mounted on the standard heavyweight body for a fuller and richer tonal core. It is also topped off with gold trim.

As well as new models on the market, we are also proud to stock a range of old classics! The ever-popular Schilke trumpets are an important part of our in-store range with the Piccolo and Eb trumpets continuing to be the market leaders. You can see our full range of trumpets by visiting our website.

For further information or to book in your personal consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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