Légère have been kicking up a storm in the double reed community as their latest development, the Légère European Scrape Oboe Reed, finally offers oboists the consistency and dependability that so many of their woodwind counterparts have enjoyed for years. While only releasing a medium strength reed at this time, they have still managed to impress international artists and students everywhere and currently developing different strengths and an American scrape cut.

Like the single reeds, Légère Synthetic Oboe Reeds have all the depth and warmth that elite players demand. Because they are made from specially prepared synthetic polymer and cut with computer controlled precision they deliver all the advantages of a traditional Légère reed; consistency, durability and an instant response. With proper care these reeds can last for months at a time (some players reporting over a year’s use out of a single reed), providing a beautiful tone and with no pre-moistening required.

See how Légère Reeds can take the frustration out of your reed playing today. Click here for further information or feel free to drop us an email.

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