As well as a vast array of beginner, intermediate and pro-level Bb trumpets, we also carry a wide range of C, D, Eb and Piccolo trumpets.  Below is a handful of top recommendations from our current stock.

Our C Trumpet range is focused primarily around Vincent Bach and Yamaha. Our best-selling student/intermediate C Trumpet is the Yamaha YTR4435.  It has a nice even blow, good intonation and a set of slides to convert it to Bb.

Our staff picks at the top end for C Trumpets are the Yamaha Chicago YTR9445CH and the Bach Stradivarius 229 with a custom 25A leadpipe.  Both of these have also proved to be real hits with UK players, giving that nice open Bb feel combined with real depth of sound.

On the Eb/D front, we recommend 3 and 4-valve models from Schilke, Yamaha and B&S all with very different playing characteristics, suitable for solo, chamber and orchestral use. 

Our Piccolo range features the classic Schilke P5.4, the Bach Artisan and some great Yamaha Custom models.

For further information or to book in your personal consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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