Searching for ‘the one’ can be a difficult, baffling and sometimes lifelong quest. At Alan Gregory Music we offer advice and bespoke consultations to help guide you unscathed through this minefield!

Part of the difficulty in finding a new mouthpiece is the fact that comparison charts only give you a fraction of the full picture. For instance, different manufacturers will have slightly differing criteria for measuring inner rim diameter, and do not take into account rim shape and contour and how that will actually feel on your chops. They also do not take into account personal variables such as the player’s own mouth shape, instrument setup, teeth, level of available practice time, breakfast preferences etc!

We offer full ranges of mouthpieces for all brass instruments from manufacturers including Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Denis Wick, Paxman, Alliance, Conn and many more, with a large variety of sizes in stock and available to try.

Please contact us to book in your mouthpiece consultation or feel free to just drop by our Manchester showroom.


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