Practice Mute Buying Guide

Choosing the right practice mute can be a tricky decision.  Weighing up characteristics such as volume, resistance, sound and of course price, with so many mutes currently available is a minefield.  We aim to guide you through it! Over the years, the Denis Wick practice mutes have been the most popular, offering great value for money, good … Continue reading Practice Mute Buying Guide

Harmony Trumpet Overview

As well as a vast array of beginner, intermediate and pro-level Bb trumpets, we also carry a wide range of C, D, Eb and Piccolo trumpets.  Below is a handful of top recommendations from our current stock. Our C Trumpet range is focused primarily around Vincent Bach and Yamaha. Our best-selling student/intermediate C Trumpet is the Yamaha … Continue reading Harmony Trumpet Overview

NEW: BAM ‘New’ Trekking Cases

BAM is one of our most popular manufacturers for instrument cases, providing practical and defensive storage for a huge range of instruments. The Trekking and New Trekking series are favourites for woodwind players given their compact and lightweight design, backpack straps for easier travel and offering plenty of storage space for accessories, stands and sheet … Continue reading NEW: BAM ‘New’ Trekking Cases

NEW: Légère Synthetic Oboe Reed

Légère have been kicking up a storm in the double reed community as their latest development, the Légère European Scrape Oboe Reed, finally offers oboists the consistency and dependability that so many of their woodwind counterparts have enjoyed for years. While only releasing a medium strength reed at this time, they have still managed to … Continue reading NEW: Légère Synthetic Oboe Reed